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What is Variable Cloud?


Variable Cloud is a web-based software that allows companies to build and manage your color libraries for better color communication. The Variable Cloud allows companies to set standards and use our instruments for effective color communication through matching, comparing, and sharing results.



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How Can I Upload My Colors to the Spectro App?


Step 1: Create a Variable Cloud account from your PC or the Spectro by Variable App.


Step 2: Link your Spectro by Variable App to your Variable Cloud account. (Click here to purchase Spectro 1)


Step 3: Import products to Variable Cloud via CSV or saved scans on your Spectro by Variable App.





How It Works


An End-to-End Color Communication Solution

Color matching and product management in one system.


Variable Cloud allows businesses to manage products that users match to and search for.

Tailor user access in Packages.

Want to give loyal customers a pre-launch sneak peek of a new color library? Need to keep brand color insight exclusive to your design team?


Use the Packages feature to create levels of access specific to every audience you encounter in your business. Set redemption limits to control how many users can access each Package, add or remove color libraries, and distribute QR codes.

Upload and manage products in Product Libraries.

Keep digital tabs on the products your users see, and how they search for them. Mass import product information via CSV, manually build single product pages, or drag and drop from Saved Colors.

Back up color reader scans in Saved Colors.

When you scan and match a color using our color sensors, it can now be saved to a corresponding Variable Cloud account. Scans from your device will populate in the Saved Colors section, where they can be organized into folders, and dropped into product libraries.

Convenient App Connectivity

Our device-compatible mobile apps like Spectro by Variable and Variable Color give information and receive information from Variable Cloud. For users, the products and libraries set up in Variable Cloud can then be found in your company’s corresponding app, and discovered by using our color sensors to scan and match to your preset product libraries.

Brand customization in Organizations.

Create your brand’s presence within the cloud and in your customer-facing app. Add your logo and customer support information to the Organizations feature to maintain your brand experience within the Variable Cloud platform.

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Why Variable Cloud?


1. Color Can be Problematic


Color defines brands, products, and even consumer shopping habits, but it can be difficult to pin down. So much affects the integrity of color between ideation and product completion. Problems with color matching techniques, miscommunication, or equipment that just isn’t up to the task end up costing business precious time and money.


2. Businesses Need Color Standards


Maintaining high standards for color and product quality isn’t easy. Multiple industries like textiles, interior design, plastics, coatings, and decor are constantly challenged with meeting lofty customer expectations when it comes to color. This process becomes even more complex for businesses tasked with managing diverse supply chains across manufacturing facilities, distributors, retailers, customers, and other company associates.



3. Color Communication isn’t Business-Friendly


Despite the advantages of modern technology, businesses typically settle for either a high quality, expensive color match or low quality and affordable color matching. As we set out to build a solution that was high quality, inexpensive, and efficient, we had a lot of questions:


• How does a design team in New York City ensure that the manufacturing team in the Midwest produces the same color?

• How does Quality Control find and correct color errors?

• How can retail paint companies help consumers simplify color selection process?

• And how do you market a product you worked so hard on to consumers overwhelmed with choices?


4. Consequences for Poor Color Communication Are High


Getting color wrong could result in:


• Material and product waste

• Belabored sales cycles

• Unhappy customers

• Poor brand representation

• Weakened marketing efforts

• High cost of shipping samples


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